About Us

Narayana Health is one of the leading private healthcare service providers in India, operating a chain of multispecialty,tertiary and primary healthcare facilities. We have a network of 23 hospitals (multispecialty and superspecialty healthcare facilities which provide tertiary care), 8 heart centres (superspecialty units which are set up in a third party hospital) and 25 primary care facilities (including clinics and information centres),across a total of 32 cities, towns and village, with 5600 operational beds and the potential to reach a capacity of up to 6,600 beds

In FY 2015, our facilities provided care to over 1.97 million patients. Narayana Health was founded by Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, who has over 30 years of medical experience, including as a cardiac surgeon. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India, and operate a national network of hospitals in India with a particularly strong presence in the Southern State of Karnataka and Eastern India, as well as an emerging presence in Western and Central India. Our first facility was established in Bengaluru with approximately 225 operational beds and we have since grown to 57 facilities

We have a strong pre-eminence in cardiac care and cardiology and offer services in various other medical specialities.

1–Includes facilities & beds across hospitals that are owned,operated,leased and managed,and the 101 operational beds(104 capacity beds)facility in the Cayman Islands operated by our associate company HCCI.
2–Includes inpatients, outpatients and outpatients undergoing dialysis and excludes Managed Hospitals.
3–Includes 56 facilities in India and the 1 facility in the Cayman Islands operated by our associate company, HCCI.

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