Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide high quality healthcare, with care and compassion, at an affordable cost, on a large scale.

Narayana Health’s core beliefs are signified by the three leaves on its logo: Quality, Compassion and Affordability.

Narayana Health’s core values are defined by acronym iCARE;

i – Innovation and efficiency :
To continuously reduce the cost of delivery of healthcare and improve reach;
C – Compassionate care :
To provide accessible care that makes a difference to our patients;
A – Accountability :
To honor our commitments with integrity and transparency to our patients, employees and investors;
R – Respect for all :
To recognize the contribution of every employee and respect the rights and the dignity of every patient and employee;
E – Excellence :
To create a culture of ensuring the highest quality of consistent and reliable services to our patients and sustainable value for our stakeholders.




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