Quality Assurance

Advanced Teleradiology System

Our advanced Teleradiology system helps to ensure your patients’ privacy. Our system limits the ways that entities can use patients’ personal information and protects the privacy of all medical information no matter what form it is in. NH Telrad 24/7 abides by important rules to ensure your patients’ privacy is protected:

  • We have thoroughly trained all our employees in the privacy procedures and require each to sign a confidentiality agreement
  • We have written privacy procedures, including a description of staff that has access to protected information, how it will be used and when it may be disclosed

NH Telrad 24/7 takes Quality Assurance in Teleradiology very seriously

Our radiologists are tested on real studies by our Teleradiology Quality Assurance Officer and Chief Radiologist prior to being offered a position with
NH Telrad 24/7. We keep detailed statistics on each reading radiologist and also send quarterly Quality Assurance reports to each customer detailing our performance. If a customer ever feels that there is a problem, we will act quickly to take any necessary corrective action.

Because NH Telrad 24/7 provides Teleradiology services to different hospitals and imaging centers across the globe, our radiologists are often faced with rare and challenging studies.


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